This seminar is designed to help employees better understand their federal benefits, identify financial goals and objectives, determine appropriate medical directives and estate planning documents and plan for financially secure and stable retirement years.


• A detailed discussion of FERS retirement benefits, insurance programs, Thrift Savings Plan withdrawal options and Social Security benefits is conducted by Joanne McGehrin, Federal Benefits Specialist.


• Karen Schaeffer, Certified Financial Planner, encourages participants to develop a financial plan, overviews the importance and appropriate use of estate planning documents and medical directives, provides guidance for investment options available within the TSP program and addresses financial planning issues in retirement.


• Nathan Sebert,  representative from LTC Partners, overviews the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program.


• Each participant is provided a 250+ page workbook containing summaries and/or supplements to information provided in lecture.


• Space permitting, spouses are invited to attend at no additional charge, but are not provided with participant workbooks.  Spouses must be registered to attend along with employee.


J.P. McGehrin and Associates have conducted retirement planning seminars for federal employees for over thirty years with consistently outstanding participant evaluations.




Retirement Planning Seminar for FERS Employees

Presented by:  J.P. McGehrin & Associates, Inc.

October 17 - 18, 2018

Class times:

October 17th-18th, 2018

8:30 am- 4:30 pm


Cost:   $375.00 per participant

Embassy Suites Springfield

(Corner of Rte. 95 and Fairfax County Parkway)


8100 Loisdale Road - “Garfield Room”

Springfield, VA 22150


(571) 339-2000


To register, submit SF 182 via e-mail jpmcgehrin@federalbenefits.com or fax 301-249-3877.


For additional information on course content, please contact Joanne McGehrin via e-mail.



e-mail: jpmcgehrin@federalbenefits.com

phone: (301) 249-3877

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