The webinars described below are designed to help employees make informed decisions regarding their federal benefits and plan for the retirement years.

The following are some of our most popular webinars.  Webinars may also be tailored to meet the needs of an individual agency.

Overview of Federal Benefits and Introduction to Financial Planning

This course provides an overview of benefits offered to new federal employees and an introduction to financial planning to emphasize the importance of early participation in TSP.


Mid-career Retirement Planning Webinar for FERS Employees

This webinar is designed for employees 10 to 15 years from retirement to overview benefits, take necessary actions on retirement benefits and identify financial goals and objectives.

A detailed discussion of federal retirement benefits, insurance programs, Thrift Savings Plan and Social Security benefits is conducted by a Federal Benefits Specialist. A Certified Financial Planner encourages participants to develop a financial plan and provides guidance for investing in the TSP and preparing for retirement.

This webinar may be offered to FERS employees or CSRS employees within 10 years of retirement to help make specific decisions regarding retirement benefits and plan for the retirement years.  A Federal Benefits Specialist addresses all aspects of federal retirement planning, including annuity calculations, credit for federal service, survivor benefit elections, the retirement application process, federal health insurance, Medicare and federal life insurance decisions, TSP withdrawal options, and Social Security benefits.  A Certified Financial Planner provides guidance for employees to identify financial goals and develop individual financial retirement plans.

Retirement Planning Webinar for FERS Employees or CSRS Employees

Retirement Planning Webinar for FERS Employees and CSRS Employees

The webinar described above may be offered to both FERS and CSRS employees by addressing CSRS Retirement Benefits on day one of the webinar and FERS Retirement Benefits on day 2 of the webinar. Employees attend lectures specific to their retirement coverage.  All employees attend day three and day four on Insurance Programs, TSP and Social Security Benefits and Financial Planning.




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